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Workout Day 4: Boxing Day, End of Week 1

Workout Day 4 was the final workout of the first full week. By this time, I was sore, hungry, and regularly contemplating quitting! I still remember that morning struggling to get out of bed and walking into the bathroom to get ready for work. While it was true that I didn’t want to let my team and coach down, I really didn’t want to let myself down either.

This workout consisted of a workout of sit-ups, planks, a kettle bell circuit, and my first introduction to boxing. I still remember after doing the regular workout, I was struggling to even lift my arms to box. It was exhausting and all I can remember about it is being so sore and out of breath.

After the workout ended, however, I started to feel great! I survived my first full week of intense workouts and I felt very proud of that! It was definitely something to be proud of and to look forward to more weeks like this. My coach encouraged me to continue on, keep my healthy eating habits under control, and get enough rest to prepare for the next week. I definitely took his advice, and after getting through some of the soreness, I was ready for my next full week of workouts!

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Tom Nobili is just like you. He wants to live a long life and be around for his family. Tom has gotten unbelievable results using Advocare products along with regular exercise and healthy eating habits.  After a short period of time, Tom has lost a great deal of weight and continues his own journey to become healthy and extend his life. Tom’s biggest passion is to help you do what he has done and is still doing.  He understands that losing weight is not easy, but as long as you are committed, you can succeed just like he has succeeded. Tom can help you begin your journey and get results. All you have to do is show up, be commited, and believe in yourself! Tom believes in you! Tom has been exactly where you are and understands your frustration. He will get you through it successfully. Please read Tom’s continuing story and see what he has done because it could very well be your story! Always remember: If Tom can do it, You can do it!

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