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A Coach Can Change Your Life Forever

A Coach can change Your Life Together -If Tom Can Do It You Can Do It

I have gotten a few questions from friends and readers who asked me what was different in my journey today that the other times I have tried and failed.  This is one of the most important questions that I have the opportunity to answer. If there is any advice that you can take from me that help you with your journey, it is this advice: Find a coach that will not only help you lose weight and get healthy, but who believes in you and holds you accountable when you need to be held accountable.

There is no such thing as an easy road to great health. You can have the greatest support, the best fitness facility to work out at, and the best coach available to you, but if you do not stay the course and hold yourself accountable, you will fail every time! Not succeeding had happened to me each and every time before now! When I look back on these times to try to figure out what went wrong, the answer was exactly the same each time: I did not hold myself accountable and I did not stay the course! I always did it alone, so there was nobody there to hold me accountable, and the truth is that maybe I did not want to. I just went through the motions, lost interest, and went back to my old ways.

This Time Is Different Because I Have A Great Coach

My coach has taught me more about myself in the last several months than I have tried to figure out in many years! He told me that he believe in me AND HE MEANT IT! He told me that if I showed up each day, I would succeed, AND HE WAS RIGHT! He told me that if I stayed focused and dedicated, I would not only lose weight, but I would start setting further goals for myself! HE WAS SO RIGHT! My journey has become so much more because my coach has inspired me to not only continue on this path, but to help others find their way to their path!

How To Find A Great Coach

Where do you start? The best place to start is by researching coaches and trainers in your local area. Their testimonials will tell you exactly what you can expect from them, but you have to keep in mind, no coach is going to be effective if they do not get commitment from YOU!

My coach, Real Andrews, has been successful in helping people change their lives for over 20 years. He not only helps people in the Santa Clarita and Los Angeles area, but he is available nationwide.  If you are serious about starting your journey and making sure that it will be successful, Join Coach Real today and get to the starting line and help you make your goals reality!

Your Weight Loss Journey Can Accelerate With Advocare

One of the best decisions that I had made when I began my journey is I started it off with Advocare’s 24 Day Challenge. Using Advocare products along with eating healthy and exercising at least 3 days a week, I was able to lose 18 pounds and over 20 inches in my first 24 days. Since my journey began 3 1/2 months ago, I have lost 50 pounds and over 40 inches. I credit Advocare as a major contributor to these amazing results!

I will be starting my 2nd 24 Day Challenge on January 11th as part of Advocare’s All-In Challenge. Over 100,000 people will be doing this challenge, and I am so excited because this time, I will be joined by over 20 people that I regularly work out with. We all support each other and are a great team! I am confident that this 24 Day Challenge will be even more successful than my first!

You can do it, too! You can start your 24 Day Challenge at any time! All you have to do is order the products, follow the plan, and you should see great results! If you have any questions or if there is anything that I can do to help, please let me know!

Tom Nobili is just like you. He wants to live a long life and be around for his family. Tom has gotten unbelievable results using Advocare products along with regular exercise and healthy eating habits.  After a short period of time, Tom has lost a great deal of weight and continues his own journey to become healthy and extend his life. Tom’s biggest passion is to help you do what he has done and is still doing.  He understands that losing weight is not easy, but as long as you are committed, you can succeed just like he has succeeded. Tom can help you begin your journey and get results. All you have to do is show up, be commited, and believe in yourself! Tom believes in you! Tom has been exactly where you are and understands your frustration. He will get you through it successfully. Please read Tom’s continuing story and see what he has done because it could very well be your story! Always remember: If Tom can do it, You can do it!

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