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After a few years of me not contributing to this blog, I finally have so much to write here! I will try to be a voice of reason!

Since the Coronavirus warnings have affected all of us around the world, the most tragic outcomes have not been the numbers of all that have tested positive, become sick, or even died. The most tragic thing that makes me so sad is the way that so many people have decided to react to the news, social distancing orders, and quarantine requests.

There are so many things that I have witnessed, read, and heard about how people are reacting to the news and orders of social distancing/self quarantine. It honestly has changed my perspective of how I see and feel about those in my community, my state, my country, my world.

I am almost 50 years old. Generation X. My generation is probably the last generation to witness world events that changed our world and prepared us in ways that generations after us cannot understand. From the end of the Cold War to 9/11 to now, we understand that when serious events happen, we rely on our common sense to survive through it.

I had a plan hoping that the return that I get from all of the hard work in my life, working, earning, saving, investing, that I would retire (at least semi-retire) by age 55. After recent events of the Coronavirus outbreak and how so many people have reacted to it, I feel like my generation cannot pass the torch to the next generation just as the baby boomers did with us. Millennials do not have the maturity, life experiences, and common sense to relieve us in moving forward in our nation (both in war time and peace time).

Not everything going on is negative. For every few moments of disappointment there is a story of hope, love, and inspiration. We should never lose sight and forget to acknowledge the great things that people are doing that gets overshadowed by the negative. We must hope that those of us who do positive things inspire those who are unconscious of their actions to join us as part of the solution!

So I now have reason to wipe the dust off of my blog and record my thoughts again. I am one who tries to only speak up when I have things to say. I have a lot to say in subjects of life, politics, science, pop culture, and generational analysis. It should keep me busy for awhile.

I invite you to comment and communicate with me, but remember, this is my blog. Please be respectful. Please pause and think about what you write to me and make sure it is not based on emotion, but gathered thoughts. God bless to you and your families in this time of crisis!

Tom Nobili is just like you. He wants to live a long life and be around for his family. Tom is also concerned with what is going on in the country and the world where unconscious people are doing unconscious things.  We can all improve our decisions and even our lives if we just take a step back, take a deep breath, and appreciate what we have in our lives.  Whether it be health, family, wealth, whatever, we have reason to be positive and thankful for what we have built in our lives. We need to focus on this. Tom shares life lessons and opinions as well as fun such as cooking advice and recipes. Always remember: If Tom can do it, You can do it!

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